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Berthoud Recreation Weather Hotline: 970-622-2524
Since we live in Colorado and the weather is constantly changing, we strive to provide weather updates by email at least two hours before practices or games. These updates will clarify if practices or games are running, delayed, or canceled. Game delays and cancellations will be decided by Recreation staff. Practice delays and cancellations will be decided following Recreation guidelines and recommendations. You can also check our weather hotlines for regular updates at 970-622-2524.
WeatherBug: Every coach should utilize WeatherBug throughout the season. It is a great tool for accurate weather updates. You can download the app or search “WeatherBug” in a web browser.
Lightning: In the event of lightning within ten miles of practices or games, our policy is to seek shelter for a minimum of 30 minutes from the last strike within your location. You are cleared to return to play when lightning is not in a 10-mile radius in your locati

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